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            Bus departures  
  Full Name Area     Mon-Fri    Sat    Sun  Services   
 Plymouth, Amherst Road Plymouth   
 Plymouth, Arundel Crescent Plymouth   
 Plymouth, Devonport Albert Gate Devonport 18 14   
 Plymouth, Devonport Camperdown Street Devonport   
 Plymouth, Devonport Charlotte Street Devonport   
 Plymouth, Devonport Devonport Ferry Terminal Devonport   
 Plymouth, Devonport Devonport Rail Station Devonport, Rail Station   
 Plymouth, Devonport Devonport Road Railway Bridge Devonport   
 Plymouth, Devonport Dockyard College Devonport 18 14   
 Plymouth, Devonport Exmouth Road Devonport 39 32 12   18 
 Plymouth, Devonport Ferry Road Devonport 43 36 15   21 
 Plymouth, Devonport Granby Way Devonport 20 13   
 Plymouth, Devonport Havelock Terrace Devonport 39 32 12   18 
 Plymouth, Devonport Keppel Place Devonport 37 31 13   17 
 Plymouth, Devonport Nelson Gardens Devonport   
 Plymouth, Devonport New Passage Hill Devonport   
 Plymouth, Devonport Parkside School Devonport 57 45 14   26 
 Plymouth, Devonport Pottery Road Devonport 43 34 16   21 
 Plymouth, Devonport Ross Street Devonport 39 32 13   18 
 Plymouth, Devonport St Aubyn Road Devonport 20 13   
 Plymouth, Devonport St Vincent Street Devonport   
 Plymouth, Devonport Torpoint Ferry Devonport 43 34 16   21 
 Plymouth, Devonport Victoria Place Devonport 37 31 13   17 
 Plymouth, Devonport Washborne Tower Devonport 17 12   
 Plymouth, Dockyard (Plymouth) Rail Station Plymouth, Dockyard Rail Station   
 Plymouth, Ford Allenby Road Ford, PLYM 25 13   
 Plymouth, Ford Austin Avenue Ford, PLYM 119 90 32   23 
 Plymouth, Ford Bartholomew Road Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Barton Avenue Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Bowers Road Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Camperdown Street Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Central Park Ford, PLYM 53 50   11 
 Plymouth, Ford College Road Primary School Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford College Road School Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Cotehele Avenue Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Craigmore Avenue Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Dockyard Car Park Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Fisher Road Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Ford Hill Bottom Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Ford Shops Ford, PLYM 127 93 31   26 
 Plymouth, Ford Furneaux Road Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Goodwin Crescent Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Goschen Centre Ford, PLYM 18 13   
 Plymouth, Ford Greatlands Crescent Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Haddington Road Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Henderson Place Ford, PLYM 17 13   
 Plymouth, Ford Johnstone Terrace Ford, PLYM 18 13   
 Plymouth, Ford Keyham Primary School Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Keyham Road Flats Ford, PLYM 17 12   
 Plymouth, Ford Lopes Road Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Melville Road Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Milehouse Bus Depot Ford, PLYM 126 93 31   25 
 Plymouth, Ford Milehouse Road East Ford, PLYM 15   13 
 Plymouth, Ford Milehouse Road West Ford, PLYM 15   13 
 Plymouth, Ford Moor View Ford, PLYM 17 13   
 Plymouth, Ford North Down Gardens Ford, PLYM 17 12   
 Plymouth, Ford North Down Road West Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford North Prospect Library Plymouth, North Prospect 127 90 32   23 
 Plymouth, Ford North Prospect Road Plymouth, North Prospect   
 Plymouth, Ford North Prospect Shops Plymouth, North Prospect 26 13   
 Plymouth, Ford Northesk Street Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Ocean Street Ford, PLYM 17 12   
 Plymouth, Ford Outland Road Church Ford, PLYM 51 55   16 
 Plymouth, Ford Parkside Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Pasley Street East Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Queens House Ford, PLYM 127 93 32   26 
 Plymouth, Ford Recreation Ground Ford, PLYM 17 12   
 Plymouth, Ford Royal Navy Avenue Ford, PLYM 17 13   
 Plymouth, Ford Ryder Road Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Saltash Road Ford, PLYM 17 12   
 Plymouth, Ford Scott Business Park Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Segrave Road Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford South Down Road East Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford South Down Road West Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford St Johnson Terrace Ford, PLYM 16 12   
 Plymouth, Ford St Levan Gate Ford, PLYM 18 13   
 Plymouth, Ford St Levan Inn Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford St Michael Avenue Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford St Thomas Church Ford, PLYM 17 12   
 Plymouth, Ford St. Michael Avenue Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Victoria Place Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Victoria Place St Vincent Street Ford, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ford Wolseley Home Ford, PLYM 127 93 32   26 
 Plymouth, Ham Dingle Road Ham, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ham Myrtleville Ham, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Ham West Down Road Ham, PLYM 10   
 Plymouth, High Street Plymouth   
 Plymouth, Keyham Admiralty Street South Keyham, PLYM 17 13   
 Plymouth, Keyham Keyham Barton School Keyham, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Keyham Keyham Court Keyham, PLYM 16 12   
 Plymouth, Keyham Keyham Rail Station Keyham, Rail Station   
 Plymouth, Keyham Recreation Ground Keyham, PLYM 17 13   
 Plymouth, Melbourne Street Plymouth   
 Plymouth, Milehouse Milehouse Park & Ride North Milehouse, Park and Ride Site North 58 51   
 Plymouth, Milehouse Milehouse Park &Ride South Milehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Millbridge Millbridge, PLYM 16 12   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Albany Street Mount Wise   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Chapel Street Mount Wise 32 23   13 
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Clowance Street Mount Wise 30 21   13 
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Cumberland Centre Mount Wise   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Cumberland Gardens Mount Wise   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Devonport Forum Mount Wise 14 11   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Duke Street Mount Wise 30 21   13 
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Fore Street Car Park Mount Wise 12 10   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Granby Gate Mount Wise   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Granby Green Mount Wise   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise James Street Mount Wise 30 21   13 
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Mount Street Mount Wise   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Mount Wise Primary School Mount Wise 30 21   13 
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Pembroke Lane Mount Wise   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Prospect Row Mount Wise 30 21   13 
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Queen Street Mount Wise   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Raglan gardens Mount Wise   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Royal Fleet Hotel Mount Wise   
 Plymouth, Mount Wise Sutton Court Mount Wise 28 21   11 
 Plymouth, Newport Street Plymouth   
 Plymouth, Pavilions Plymouth 12 10   
 Plymouth, Pennycross Montpelier School Plymouth, Pennycross   
 Plymouth, Pennycross North Down Road East Plymouth, Pennycross   
 Plymouth, Peverell DHS Girls Peverell, Devonport High School for Girls 45 53   11 
 Plymouth, Peverell Home Park Peverell 64 51   14 
 Plymouth, Peverell Segrave Road Peverell 12   11 
 Plymouth, Peverell Venn Lane Peverell 55 51   13 
 Plymouth, Pilgrims Mews Plymouth 172 140 34   26 
 Plymouth, Plymouth City Centre Plymouth Ferry Terminal Plymouth   
 Plymouth, St Barnabas Court Plymouth 77 31 13   21 
 Plymouth, Stoke Alma Road Stoke, PLYM 166 146 33   29 
 Plymouth, Stoke Astor Hall Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Central Park Stoke, PLYM 171 138 32   26 
 Plymouth, Stoke City College Plymouth Stoke, Plymouth City College 71   
 Plymouth, Stoke Colingwood Road Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Cuffe Road Stoke, PLYM 172 140 34   26 
 Plymouth, Stoke De La Hay Avenue Stoke, PLYM 172 140 34   26 
 Plymouth, Stoke De La Hay Avenue South Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Devonport Park Stoke, PLYM 14 11   
 Plymouth, Stoke Earls Acre Stoke, PLYM 166 146 33   29 
 Plymouth, Stoke Edgecumbe Avenue Stoke, PLYM 12 10   
 Plymouth, Stoke Exmouth Road Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Ford Hill Top Stoke, PLYM 45 32 12   24 
 Plymouth, Stoke Garfield Terrace Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Kings Road Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Milehouse Bus Depot Milehouse, PLYM 22 21 11   15 
 Plymouth, Stoke Molesworth Road Stoke, PLYM 38 31 13   17 
 Plymouth, Stoke Molesworth Road Bottom Stoke, PLYM 37 31 13   16 
 Plymouth, Stoke Molesworth Road Top Stoke, PLYM 37 31 13   16 
 Plymouth, Stoke New Zealand House Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Paradise Road Stoke, PLYM 56 11   12 
 Plymouth, Stoke Paradise Road Dhs Boys Stoke, Devonport High School for Boys 47 10   
 Plymouth, Stoke Paviland Grange Stoke, PLYM 37 31 13   16 
 Plymouth, Stoke Penlee Way Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Road Plymouth 15 11   
 Plymouth, Stoke Somerset Place Stoke, PLYM 37 31 13   16 
 Plymouth, Stoke Stoke Ford Hill Stoke, PLYM 43 31 13   23 
 Plymouth, Stoke Stoke Indian Inn Stoke, PLYM 43 31 13   23 
 Plymouth, Stoke Stoke Village Stoke, PLYM 45 32 12   24 
 Plymouth, Stoke Stopford Arms Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Stuart Road Stoke, PLYM 38 31 13   17 
 Plymouth, Stoke The Elms Stoke, PLYM 38 31 13   17 
 Plymouth, Stoke Wilton Road Stoke, PLYM 51 11   
 Plymouth, Stoke Wilton Street Stoke, PLYM 70 29 11   16 
 Plymouth, Stoke Wilton Street Co op Stoke, PLYM 77 31 13   21 
 Plymouth, Stoke Wingfield Flats Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Wingfield Mansions Stoke, PLYM 38 31 13   17 
 Plymouth, Stoke Wingfield Road Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Wingfield Road Flats Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stoke Wingfield Road West Stoke, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Admirals Hard Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Admiralty Street Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Brewery Tap Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Caroline Place Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Devonport Hill Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Emma Place Ope Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse King Street Shops Stonehouse, PLYM 14 12   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Market Street Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Martin Street Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Octagon Street Stonehouse, PLYM 14 12   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Palace Theatre Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Pavilions Forecourt Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Phoenix Street Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Plymouth Stonehouse Ferry Terminal Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Richmond Walk Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Stonehall Flats Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Stonehouse Bridge Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Union Street Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stonehouse Victoria Place Stonehouse, PLYM   
 Plymouth, Stuart Road Plymouth 69 29 11   15 
 Plymouth, The Hoe St Andrews School Plymouth, The Hoe 19 19   
 Plymouth, Two Trees Plymouth 16 11   
 Plymouth, Union Street Post Office Plymouth   
 Plymouth, Victoria Avenue Plymouth 70 29 11   16 
 Plymouth, Wantage Gardens Plymouth   
 Plymouth, West Hoe Durley House Plymouth, West Hoe   
 Plymouth, West Hoe New Continental Hotel Plymouth, West Hoe   
 Plymouth, West Hoe Telecom House Plymouth, West Hoe   
 Plymouth, West Hoe Walker Terrace Plymouth, West Hoe 19 19   
 Plymouth, West Hoe West Hoe Post Office Plymouth, West Hoe 19 19   
 Plymouth, Western Approach Plymouth 258 199 69   50 
 Plymouth, Weston Mill Admiralty Street Weston Mill 17 13   
 Plymouth, Weston Mill Admiralty Street North Weston Mill 17 12   
 Plymouth, Weston Mill Cookworthy Road Weston Mill 119 90 32   23 
 Plymouth, Weston Mill Fleet Street Weston Mill   
 Plymouth, Weston Mill HMS Drake Plymouth, HMS Drake 18 13   
 Plymouth, Weston Mill Morwell Gardens Weston Mill 26 13   
 Plymouth, Weston Mill Renown Street Weston Mill   
 Plymouth, Weston Mill Saltash Road Weston Mill 17 12   
 Plymouth, Weston Mill Wolseley Road Flats Weston Mill 119 93 31   26 
 Plymouth, Weston Mill Wombwell Crescent Weston Mill   
 Plymouth, Wyndham Lane Plymouth 16 12   
 Torpoint, Torpoint Ferry Torpoint 46 37 12   22 
 Torpoint, Torpoint Ferry Terminal Torpoint   
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