Stockport is within the Greater Manchester council area, a sample local postcode is SK1 3PX. Its population is roughly 130,000.





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 Place nameDescriptionNumber of services
 Stockport  Mersey Square, PLAZA, MERSEY SQUARE 
 Stockport, Mersey Square / Merseyway Precinct  Merseyway Precinct, PRECINCT, MERSEY SQUARE 
 Stockport, Wellington Road South/Brentnall Street  Brentnall St, GUILDHALL, WELLINGTON RD S 24 
 Stockport, Carrington Road/St Marys Way  St Marys Way, BROWPARK HOUSE, CARRINGTON RD 
 Stockport, Great Egerton St/Little Egerton St  Little Egerton St, CAR PARK, GT EGERTON ST 
 Stockport, Great Egerton Street/Hatton Street  Little Egerton St, CAR PARK, GT EGERTON ST 
 Stockport, Greek Street/Stockport College  Stockport College, COLLEGE, GREEK ST 18 
 Stockport, Wood Street/Hollywood Park  Hollywood Park, PARK, WOOD STREET 
 Stockport, Chestergate/Chester Street  Chester St, KINSTON MILL, CHESTERGATE 
 Stockport, Brinksway/The Woolpack  The Woolpack, PUBLIC HOUSE, BRINKSWAY 
 Stockport, Mercian Way/Castle Street  Castle St, MERCIAN WAY 17 
 Stockport, Knightsbridge/Sainsburys  Sainsburys, CAR PARK, KNIGHTSBRIDGE 14 
 Stockport, Spring Gardens/St Marys Way  St Marys Way, CAR DEALERS, SPRING GARDENS 
 Stockport, Waterloo Road/Spring Gardens  Spring Gardens, CHAPEL STUDIO, WATERLOO RD 
 Stockport, Churchgate/The Thatched House  The Thatched House, THATCHED HOUSE, CHURCHGATE 
 Stockport, Wellington Street/Lower Hillgate  Lower Hillgate, PHOTO SHOP, WELLINGTON ST 
 Stockport, Piccadilly/Heron House  Heron House (Stop AH), DUKE STREET, Piccadilly 
 Stockport, St Peters Sq/St Peters Church  St Peters Church, CHURCH, ST PETERS SQ. 
 Stockport, St. Petersgate/Lord Street  Lord Street (Stop MM), OS BAR, ST PETERSGATE 13 
 Stockport, Wellington Road Nth/Mersey Square  Mersey Square, CAR PARK, WELLINGTON RD N 
 Stockport, Wellington Road North/Leyland Street  Leyland St, DEBENHAMS, WELLINGTON RD N 
 Stockport, Heaton Lane/Pineapple Inn  Pineapple Inn, OFFICES, HEATON LN 
 Stockport, Norbury Street/Stopford House  Stopford House, CAR PARK, NORBURY ST 
 Stockport, Marsland Street/Tesco  Tesco, WATER STREET, Marsland Street 
 Stockport, Higher Hillgate/Elizabeth Avenue  Elizabeth Ave, OLD RAMS HEAD, HIGHER HILLGATE 
 Stockport, Higher Hillgate/Star and Garter  Star & Garter, INDUSTRIAL PARK, HIGHER HILLGATE 
 Stockport, Higher Hillgate/Lincoln Towers  Lincoln Towers, FLATS, HIGHER HILLGATE 
 Stockport, Middle Hillgate/Sun and Castle  Sun & Castle, PUBLIC HOUSE, MIDDLE HILLGATE 
 Stockport, Edward Street/Middle Hillgate  Middle Hillgate, OPP POLICE STN, EDWARD ST 
 Stockport, Piccadilly/Stopford House  Stopford House, STOPFORD HOUSE, PICCADILLY 
 Stockport, Waterloo Road/Middle Hillgate  Middle Hillgate, STUDIOS, WATERLOO RD 
 Stockport, Exchange Street/Royal Mail Office  Garrick Theatre, Exchange Street 41 
 Stockport, St. Peters Square/St. Petersgate  St. Petersgate, CHRUCH, ST PETERS SQ. 
 Stockport, Bridgefield St/Hatton St  Hatton St, CAR PARK, BRIDGEFIELD ST 
 Stockport, Princes Street/Tiviot Dale  Tiviot Dale, BENSONS BEDS, PRINCES ST 
 Stockport, Mersey Sq/Merseyway Precinct  Merseyway Precinct, PRECINCT, MERSEY SQUARE 14 
 Stockport, St Peters Square/St Petersgate  St Petersgate, CHRUCH, ST PETERS SQ 19 
 Stockport, Wellington Road Sth/Mersey Square  Mersey Square, MERSEY SQUARE, WELLINGTON RD S 
 Stockport, New Bridge Lane/Millgate  Newbridge Ln, CAR PARK, MILLGATE 
 Stockport, Brinnington Road/St Pauls Street  St Pauls St, BURIAL GROUND, BRINNINGTON RD 
 Stockport, Princes Street/Ardern Walk  Little Egerton St, CAR PARK, GT EGERTON ST 11 
 Stockport, Bridgefield St/Woodman St  Woodman St, CAR PARK, BRIDGEFIELD ST 
 Stockport, Bridgefield St/Hatton Street  Hatton St, CAR PARK, BRIDGEFIELD ST 
 Stockport, Wellington Road Sth/Grand Central  Grand Central, OP CAR HIRE, WELLINGTON RD S 44 
 Stockport, Wellington Road/Aspley House  Kingsgate, THE MAGNET, WELLINGTON RD N 
 Stockport, St. Petersgate/High Street  High St, EGERTON ARMS, ST PETERSGATE 
 Stockport, Travis Brow/Junction 1  Junction 1, VW GARAGE, TRAVIS BROW 
 Stockport, Bridge St/Merseyway  Merseyway, BARCLAYS BANK, BRIDGE STREET 
 Stockport, Market Place/St Marys Church  St Marys Church, CHURCH, MARKET PL 
 Stockport, Lower Hillgate/Coopers Brow  Coopers Brow, BREWERY, LOWER HILLGATE 
 Stockport, Little Underbank/Great Underbank  Great Underbank, PUBLIC HOUSE, LITTLE U/BANK 
 Stockport, Great Underbank/Vernon Walk  Vernon Walk, NORWEST HOUSE, GREAT UNDERBANK 
 Stockport, Edward St/Lacy Street  Lacy St, TOWN HALL, EDWARD ST 
 Stockport, High Street/St Petersgate  St Petersgate, MANSION HOUSE, HIGH ST 
 Stockport, Churchgate/The Old Rectory  The Old Rectory, HOTEL, CHURCHGATE 
 Stockport, Charlesworth St/Wellington Rd South  Wellington Road South, Stockport College, Charlesworth Street 
 Stockport, Railway Road/Station Road  Station Rd, MILLENNIUM HSE, RAILWAY RD 
 Stockport, Little Egerton St/Bridgefield St  Bridgefield St, CAR PARK, LIT EGERTON ST 
 Stockport, Port Street/Bridgefield St  Bridgefield St, CAR PARK RAMP, PORT ST 
 Stockport, Station Rd/Stockport Stn  Stockport Stn, RAILWAY STATION, STATION RD 
 Stockport, Stockport Road West/Vernon Park  Vernon Park, BRITISH GAS, NEWBRIDGE LN 
 Stockport, Brinnigton Road/Gill Street  Gill St, BRINNINGTON RD 
 Stockport, Brinnington Road/Gill Street  Gill St, HOUSE 34, BRINNINGTON RD 
 Stockport, Wellington Road South/Longshut Lane  Longshut Ln, BETA LIVING, WELLINGTON RD S 31 
 Stockport, Travis Brow/Georges Road  Georges Rd, TRAVIS BROW 
 Stockport, Wellington Road North/Wellesley House  Kingsgate, OFFICES, WELLINGTON RD N 
 Stockport, Wellington Road Sth/Sport College  Stockport College, COLLEGE, WELLINGTON RD S 31 
 Stockport, Great Portwood Street/The Queens  The Queens, THE QUEENS, GT PORTWOOD ST 
 Stockport, Great Portwood Street/The Peel Centre  The Peel Ctr, PEEL CENTRE, GT PORTWOOD ST 
 Stockport, Carrington Road/St Pauls Street  St Pauls St, MEMORIAL, CARRINGTON RD 
 Stockport, Carrington Road/Offerton Street  Offerton St, HOUSE 33, CARRINGTON RD 
 Stockport, New Bridge Lane/New Zealand Road  New Zealand Rd, NEWBRIDGE LN 
 Stockport, New Bridge Lane/The Park Inn  The Park Inn, PUBLIC HOUSE, NEWBRIDGE LN 
 Stockport, Wellington St  Wellington St (to def route), LOWER HILLGATE, WELLINGTON ST 
 Stockport, Wellington St/Lord St  Lord St (to def route), LORD STREET, WELLINGTON ST 
 Stockport, New Zealand Road  New Zealand Road, CARRINGTON ROAD, NEW ZEALAND RD 
 Stockport, Lord St/Norbury St  Norbury St (to define route), NORBURY STREET, LORD STREET 
 Stockport, Grenville Street/Bloom Street  Bloom Street, BLOOM STREET, GRENVILLE ST 
 Stockport, Leyland Street/Port Street  Port Street, PORT STREET, LEYLAND STREET 
 Stockport, York Street  York Street, CHATHAM STREET, YORK STREET 
 Stockport, Port Street  Port Street (to define route), BRIDGEFIELD ST, PORT STREET 
 Stockport, Bridgefield Street/Brown Street  Brown Street, BROWN STREET, BRIDGEFIELD ST 
 Stockport, Charlotte Street  Charlotte Street, CHARLOTTE ST 
 Stockport, River Street  River Street, RIVER STREET 
 Stockport, Crescent Road  Crescent Rd, CRESCENT ROAD 
 Stockport, Goyt Road  Goyt Rd (to define route), BRINNINGTON RD, GOYT ROAD 
 Stockport, Edward Street  Edward Street, LACY STREET, EDWARD STREET 
 Stockport, Millbrook Street  Millbrook Street, MOTTRAM FOLD, MILLBROOK ST 
 Stockport, Shaw Heath  Shaw Heath, STATION ROAD, SHAW HEATH 
 Stockport, Wellington Road (northbd)  Wellington Road (northbd) (to def.route), MERSEY SQ OPP, WELLINGTON ROAD 
 Stockport, King St West  King St West (to define route), DAW BANK, KING ST WEST 
 Stockport, Spring Gardens  Spring Gardens (to def route), SPRING GARDENS 
 Stockport, Piccadilly  Piccadilly (opp SG0849) to define route, WELLINGTON ST, PICCADILLY 
 Stockport, Edward St  Edward St (opp SG1308) (to def route), MIDDLE HILLGATE, EDWARD STREET 
 Stockport, St Marys Way  St Marys Way, SPRING GARDENS, ST MARYS WAY 
 Stockport, M60 Jnct 1  bound (to define route), WOOD STREET, M60 MOTORWAY 
 Stockport, M60  M60 Westbound (to define route), SLIP ROAD, M60 MOTORWAY 
 Stockport, Lower Hillgate/High St  High St (to def route), HIGH STREET, LOWER HILLGATE 
 Stockport, Stockport Chestergate  Stockport - Chestergate, MERSEY SQ 
 Stockport, Stockport PrinceS Street  Stockport - PrinceS Street, BROWN ST 
 Stockport, Tiviot Dale  Tiviot Dale, PRINCES ST 
 Stockport, Grand Central  Grand Central, GRAND CENTRAL, Wellington Rd Sth 
 Stockport, Stockport Grand Central  Stockport - Grand Central, JOHN ST, Wellington Rd Sth 

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