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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) near to the BL1 4PW postcode area sorted by full name.
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    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
            Bus departures  
  Full Name Area     Mon-Fri    Sat    Sun  Services   
 Barrow Bridge, Barrow Bridge Road/Smithills Croft Road Barrow Bridge 11 11   
 Barrow Bridge, Moss Bank Way/Forest Road Barrow Bridge 19 11   
 Barrow Bridge, Moss Bank Way/Forset Road Barrow Bridge 21 11   10 
 Barrow Bridge, Moss Lane/Capitol Close Barrow Bridge 11 11   
 Barrow Bridge, Moss Lane/Garwick Road Barrow Bridge 11 11   
 Bolton, Black Horse St/Law Courts Bolton, MANC   
 Bolton, Black Horse Street/Law Court Bolton, MANC   
 Bolton, Bolton Spa Road Bolton, MANC   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Bennetts Lane Brownlow Fold   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Bernard Grove Brownlow Fold   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Brownlow Way Brownlow Fold   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Brownlow Way/Nottingham Drive Brownlow Fold 87 81 28   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Brownlow Way/The Spinners Brownlow Fold 84 78 27   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Chorley Old Road/Ivy Road Brownlow Fold 104 84 26   10 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Chorley Old Road/Mowbray Street Brownlow Fold 100 84 26   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Chorley Old Road/Rutland Grove Brownlow Fold 103 84 26   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Chorley Old Road/The Kings Arms Brownlow Fold 100 84 26   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Church Road/Garside Grove Brownlow Fold 84 78 27   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Church Road/Knowlsley Road Brownlow Fold 87 81 28   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Church Road/Knowsley Road Brownlow Fold 84 78 27   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Elgin Street/Bennetts Lane Brownlow Fold 87 81 28   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Elgin Street/Eskrick Street Brownlow Fold 87 81 28   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Elgin Street/Rushey Fold Lane Brownlow Fold 87 81 28   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Eskrick Street Brownlow Fold   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Ivy Road Brownlow Fold   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Merehall Drive/Merehall Close Brownlow Fold 84 78 27   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Merehall Drive/Petersfield Walk Brownlow Fold 87 81 28   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Prince Street/School Hill Brownlow Fold   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Tennyson Street/Keats Walk Brownlow Fold 87 81 28   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Tennyson Street/Lytton Street Brownlow Fold 87 81 28   
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Vernon Street/Mossfield Court Brownlow Fold 87 81 28   
 Bolton, Bus Station Bolton, Bus Station 703 622 221   38 
 Bolton, Chorley New Road/Park Hill St Bolton, MANC 80 77 68   
 Bolton, Chorley New Road/Park Hill Street Bolton, MANC 124 96 21   
 Bolton, Chorley Old Road/Avenue Street Bolton, MANC 103 84 26   
 Bolton, Chorley Old Road/Chorley New Road Bolton, MANC 103 84 26   
 Bolton, Gilnow Cannon Street/Chatham Gardens Gilnow   
 Bolton, Gilnow College Way Gilnow   
 Bolton, Gilnow Dainsdale Drive/Kwiksave Gilnow   
 Bolton, Gilnow Deane Road/Cannon Street Gilnow 91 68 36   
 Bolton, Gilnow Deane Road/College Way Gilnow 91 68 36   
 Bolton, Gilnow Deane Road/Gilnow Lane Gilnow 91 68 36   
 Bolton, Gilnow Deane Road/University of Bolton Gilnow, University of Bolton 91 68 36   
 Bolton, Gilnow Derby Street/University of Bolton Gilnow, University of Bolton 180 164 95   
 Bolton, Gilnow Fletcher Street Gilnow   
 Bolton, Gilnow Mayor Street/Spa Road Gilnow   
 Bolton, Gilnow Spa Road/Mayor Street Gilnow 21 14   
 Bolton, Gilnow Spa Road/Queens Park Gilnow   
 Bolton, Halliwell Adrian Road/Ryder St Halliwell   
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Ainsworth Arms Halliwell 31 28 14   
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Draycott Street Halliwell 31 28 14   
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Eskrick Street Halliwell 31 28 12   
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Horace Street Halliwell 31 28 12   
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Post Office Halliwell 27 26 14   
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Robin Hood Inn Halliwell 27 26 14   
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Rushey Fold Lane Halliwell 31 28 12   
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/St Pauls Church Halliwell 31 28 14   
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Weymouth Street Halliwell 27 26 14   
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Wolfenden Street Halliwell 31 28 14   
 Bolton, Halliwell Moss Bank Way/Halliwell Road Halliwell 28 15 12   12 
 Bolton, Halliwell Moss Bank Way/Temple Road Halliwell 28 15 14   12 
 Bolton, Halliwell Ryder Street/Bernard Grove Halliwell   
 Bolton, Marsden Road Bolton, MANC   
 Bolton, Moor Lane Bolton, MANC   
 Bolton, Spa Road/Garside Street Bolton, MANC 20 14   
 Bolton, Spa Road/Queens Park Bolton, MANC 20 14   
 Bolton, St. Georges Road/Claremont Church Bolton, MANC 307 261 121   13 
 Bolton, St. Georges Road/Ruth Street Bolton, MANC 176 161 94   
 Bolton, Topp Way Bolton, MANC   
 Bolton, Vernon Street/Back Lane Bolton, MANC 87 81 28   
 Bolton, Willows Cannon Street/Medical Centre Bolton, Willows   
 Bolton, Willows Deane Road/Bankfield Street Bolton, Willows 91 68 35   
 Bolton, Willows Deane Road/Gordon Avenue Bolton, Willows 91 68 36   
 Bolton, Willows Derby Street/Vickers Street Bolton, Willows 180 164 95   
 Bolton, Willows Dinsdale Drive Bolton, Willows   
 Bolton, Willows Lanchester Drive Bolton, Willows   
 Bolton, Willows Lanchester Drive/Deane Road Bolton, Willows   
 Bolton, Willows Wellfield Road/Bankfield Street Bolton, Willows   
 Bolton, Willows Wigan Road/Callis Road Bolton, Willows 91 68 36   
 Bolton, Willows Wigan Road/Haslam Park Bolton, Willows 91 68 35   
 Deane, Ladybridge Armadale Road Ladybridge   
 Deane, Ladybridge Armadale Road/Culross Avenue Ladybridge   
 Deane, Ladybridge Armadale Road/Rutherglen Drive Ladybridge   
 Deane, Ladybridge Armadale Road/The Beaumont Arms Ladybridge 31 26 14   
 Deane, Ladybridge Armadale Road/The Walkway Ladybridge   
 Deane, Ladybridge Broadford Road/Lennox Gardens Ladybridge 31 26 14   
 Doffcocker, Captains Clough Road/Church Road Doffcocker   
 Doffcocker, Chorley Old Road/Devonshire Road Doffcocker 104 84 26   10 
 Doffcocker, Chorley Old Road/Doffcocker Inn Doffcocker 103 84 26   
 Doffcocker, Chorley Old Road/Merlin Grove Doffcocker 104 84 26   10 
 Doffcocker, Chorley Old Road/New Church Road Doffcocker 182 162 53   11 
 Doffcocker, Chorley Old Road/New Hall Lane Doffcocker 104 84 26   10 
 Doffcocker, Church Road/Captains Clough Road Doffcocker 87 81 28   
 Doffcocker, Church Road/Harpers Lane Doffcocker 87 81 28   
 Doffcocker, Church Road/Lower Pools Doffcocker 86 81 28   
 Doffcocker, Church Road/Pool Place Doffcocker 86 81 28   
 Doffcocker, Johnson Fold Estate Lightbds Road( Johnson Fold   
 Doffcocker, Johnson Fold Estate Lightbounds Road/Chatburn Road Johnson Fold 173 161 55   
 Doffcocker, Johnson Fold Estate Lightbounds Road/Hollin Hey Road Johnson Fold 110 105 27   
 Doffcocker, Johnson Fold Estate Lightbounds Road/The Green Johnson Fold 115 108 28   
 Doffcocker, Johnson Fold Estate Montsat Road Johnson Fold   
 Doffcocker, Johnson Fold Estate Montserrat Road/Gisburn Avenue Johnson Fold 115 108 28   
 Doffcocker, Johnson Fold Estate Moss Bank Way/Knott Lane Johnson Fold   
 Doffcocker, Johnson Fold Estate Moss Bank Way/Primary School Johnson Fold   
 Doffcocker, Moss Bank Way/Captains Clough Road Doffcocker   
 Doffcocker, Moss Bank Way/Moss Bank Park Doffcocker 21 11   10 
 Doffcocker, Moss Lane/Moss Bank Park Doffcocker 11 11   
 Doffcocker, New Church Road/Chorley Old Road Doffcocker 86 81 28   
 Doffcocker, New Church Road/Woodsley Road Doffcocker 86 81 28   
 Gilnow, Gilnow Park Chorley New Road/Bolton School Gilnow Park 124 96 68   
 Gilnow, Gilnow Park Chorley New Road/Park Road Gilnow Park 80 77 68   
 Gilnow, Gilnow Park Chorley New Road/Queens Park Gilnow Park 124 96 68   
 Gilnow, Gilnow Park Chorley New Road/Somerset Road Gilnow Park 124 96 21   
 Gilnow, Gilnow Park Chorley New Road/Tudor Avenue Gilnow Park 84 77 68   
 Gilnow, Gilnow Park Gilnow Road/Gilnow Gardens Gilnow Park   
 Gilnow, Gilnow Park Gilnow Road/Heaton Cemetery Gilnow Park   
 Gilnow, Gilnow Park Gilnow Road/Park Road Gilnow Park 21 14   
 Gilnow, Gilnow Park Somerset Road/Chorley New Road Gilnow Park   
 Gilnow, Gilnow Park Tudor Avenue/Chorley New Road Gilnow Park 22 14   
 Gilnow, Gilnow Park Tudor Avenue/Third Avenue Gilnow Park 21 14   
 Heaton, Albert Road West/New Hall Lane Heaton, MANC   
 Heaton, Chorley New Road/Albert Road Heaton, MANC 122 96 68   
 Heaton, Chorley New Road/Greenmount Lane Heaton, MANC 122 96 68   
 Heaton, Chorley New Road/Hillside Heaton, MANC 122 96 68   
 Heaton, Devonshire Road/Lonsdale Road Heaton, MANC 21 14   
 Heaton, Devonshire Road/Memorial School Heaton, MANC 21 14   
 Heaton, Lonsdale Road/Albert Road Heaton, MANC   
 Heaton, New Hall Lane/Albert Road West Heaton, MANC 21 14   
 Heaton, Somerset Road/Leighton Avenue Heaton, MANC   
 Heaton, Somerset Road/Lincoln Road Heaton, MANC   
 Markland Hill, Albert Road West Bolton, Markland Hill   
 Markland Hill, Chorley New Road/Markland Hill Bolton, Markland Hill 122 96 68   
 Markland Hill, Chorley New Road/Ravens Wood Bolton, Markland Hill 122 96 68   
 Markland Hill, Easedale Road/New Hall Lane Bolton, Markland Hill 21 14   
 Markland Hill, Greenmount Lane Bolton, Markland Hill   
 Markland Hill, Greenmount Lane/Whitecroft Road Bolton, Markland Hill 21 14   
 Markland Hill, Markland Hill Lane/Albert Road West Bolton, Markland Hill   
 Markland Hill, Markland Hill Lane/Lingmoor Road Bolton, Markland Hill 22 14   
 Markland Hill, Markland Hill/Greenmount Lane Bolton, Markland Hill   
 Markland Hill, Oakwood Drive/Markland Hall Bolton, Markland Hill   
 Markland Hill, Old Kiln Lane/Markland Hill Bolton, Markland Hill 22 14   
 Markland Hill, Rydal Road Bolton, Markland Hill   
 Markland Hill, Rydal Road/Easedale Road Bolton, Markland Hill 21 14   
 Markland Hill, Rydal Road/Kingsbury Avenue Bolton, Markland Hill   
 Montserrat, Chorley Old Road/The Colliers Arms Montserrat 186 165 54   10 
 Montserrat, Delph Hill Chorley Old Road/Moss Bank Way Bolton, Delph Hill 103 84 28   
 Montserrat, Delph Hill Moss Bank Way/Boot Lane Bolton, Delph Hill 10   
 Montserrat, Delph Hill Moss Bank Way/Chorley Old Road Bolton, Delph Hill   
 Montserrat, Delph Hill Tattersall Avenue/Moss Bank Way Bolton, Delph Hill   
 Montserrat, Montserrat Road/Tattersall Avenue Montserrat 115 108 28   
 Montserrat, Tattersall Avenue Montserrat   
 Smithills, Moss Bank Way/Halliwell Road Smithills 19 11   
The map below shows transport locations in the BL1 4PW postcode area.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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