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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) near to the BL5 2 postcode area sorted by full name.
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    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
            Bus departures  
  Full Name Area     Mon-Fri    Sat    Sun  Services   
 Atherton, Hag Fold Oxford Road/Norfolk Road Hag Fold 33 29 12   
 Chequerbent, Park Road/Captain Lees Road Chequerbent 14   
 Chequerbent, Park Road/Forest Drive Chequerbent 33 31   
 Chequerbent, Park Road/Platt Lane Chequerbent 33 31   
 Chequerbent, Park Road/Waters Nook Road Chequerbent 33 31   
 Hindley, Hindley Green Green Lane/Dorstone Close Hindley Green   
 Hindley, Hindley Green Hindley Road/Alexandra Hotel Hindley Green 56 38 22   
 Westhoughton Westhoughton   
 Westhoughton, Bolton Road/Chew Moor Lane Westhoughton 35 29   
 Westhoughton, Central Dr/Westhoughton Primary School Westhoughton   
 Westhoughton, Chew Moor Lane/Bolton Road Westhoughton 21 18 24   
 Westhoughton, Chew Moor Lane/Farleigh Close Westhoughton 35 29 24   
 Westhoughton, Church Street Westhoughton 59 52 37   
 Westhoughton, Clough Avenue Westhoughton   
 Westhoughton, Cricketers Way Westhoughton   
 Westhoughton, Cricketers Way/Wigan Road Westhoughton   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Birch Avenue/Ivy Road Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 71 52 34   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Daisy Hill Rail Station Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Rail Station   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Drake Hall Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Drake Hall/Higher Drake Meadow Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Drake Hall/New Drake Green Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill France Street Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Hindley Road/Eatock Way Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 57 37 21   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Hindley Road/Leigh Road Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 58 38 22   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Hindley Road/Old Hall Lane Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Hindley Road/Old Vicarage Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 58 38 22   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Hindley Road/The Grey Man Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 58 38 22   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Hindley Road/Turner Street Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 58 38 22   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Leigh Road/Daisy Hill Station Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Rail Station 76 53 35   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Leigh Road/Hartford Road Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 76 53 35   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Leigh Road/Washacre Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 76 53 35   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Lower Drake Fold Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Lower Leigh Road/Daisy Hill Church Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 91 68 48   12 
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Lower Leigh Road/The Three Crowns Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 18 15 13   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill New Drake Green Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Rail station Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Rail Station   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Southfield Drive/Ash Grove Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 73 53 35   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Southfield Drive/Birch Avenue Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 71 52 34   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Southfield Drive/Wigan Road Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 73 53 35   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Southover Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill St Georges Avenue Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill St Georges Avenue/France Street Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill St Georges Avenue/Southover Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill St. Georges Avenue/Rodgers Way Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill The Pewfist Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill The Pewfist/Charlock Avenue Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill The Pewfist/Pewfist Green Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Townsfield Road/Washacre Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 71 52 34   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Washacre/Clough Avenue Westhoughton, Daisy Hill   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Washacre/Furze Avenue Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 73 53 35   
 Westhoughton, Daisy Hill Washacre/Townsfield Drive Westhoughton, Daisy Hill 73 53 35   
 Westhoughton, Dobb Brow Old Lane Dobb Brow   
 Westhoughton, Dobb Brow Wearish Lane/Wigan Road Dobb Brow   
 Westhoughton, Dobb Brow Wigan Road/Allenby Grove Dobb Brow 23 23   
 Westhoughton, Dobb Brow Wigan Road/Dobb Brow Road Dobb Brow 24 23   
 Westhoughton, Dobb Brow Wigan Road/Wearish Lane Dobb Brow 24 23   
 Westhoughton, Hart Common Wigan Road/Bridge Inn Westhoughton, Hart Common 24 23   
 Westhoughton, Hart Common Wigan Road/Hart Common Westhoughton, Hart Common 24 23   
 Westhoughton, Hoskers Nook Eastock Way/Parkway Hoskers Nook   
 Westhoughton, Hoskers Nook Eastock Way/Shearwater Drive Hoskers Nook   
 Westhoughton, Hoskers Nook Eatock Way/Hindley Road Hoskers Nook   
 Westhoughton, Hoskers Nook Hindley Road/The Pungle Hoskers Nook 58 38 22   
 Westhoughton, Hoskers Nook Hindley Road/Wearish Lane Hoskers Nook 56 38 22   
 Westhoughton, Hoskers Nook The Hoskers Hoskers Nook   
 Westhoughton, Hoskers Nook The Hoskers/Redwood Hoskers Nook   
 Westhoughton, Hoskers Nook Wearish Lane Hoskers Nook   
 Westhoughton, Leigh Road Westhoughton   
 Westhoughton, Manchester Road/Bolton Road Westhoughton 21 18   
 Westhoughton, Manchester Road/Railway Bridge Westhoughton 21 18   
 Westhoughton, Market St/Westhoughton Church Westhoughton 120 91 59   15 
 Westhoughton, Market St/Westhoughton Town Hall Westhoughton 140 108 59   16 
 Westhoughton, Mill Street Westhoughton   
 Westhoughton, Mill Street/Clough Fold Westhoughton 18 15 13   
 Westhoughton, Mill Street/Market St Westhoughton   
 Westhoughton, Park Road/Leigh Road Westhoughton 32 31   
 Westhoughton, Rail station Westhoughton, Rail Station   
 Westhoughton, Rylands Court Westhoughton   
 Westhoughton, Southfield Drive Westhoughton   
 Westhoughton, Southfield Drive/Hawthorn Road Westhoughton   
 Westhoughton, Waters Nook Bolton Road/Brook Street Waters Nook 89 66 46   
 Westhoughton, Waters Nook Bolton Road/Central Drive Waters Nook 89 66 46   
 Westhoughton, Waters Nook Bolton Road/Cherwell Road Waters Nook 89 66 21   
 Westhoughton, Waters Nook Bolton Road/Molyneux Road Waters Nook 58 38 46   
 Westhoughton, Waters Nook Bolton Road/The Cross Guns Waters Nook 89 66 46   
 Westhoughton, Waters Nook Captain Lees Road Waters Nook   
 Westhoughton, Waters Nook Manchester Road/The School House Waters Nook 57 38 22   
 Westhoughton, Waters Nook Manchester Road/White Horse Waters Nook 57 38 22   
 Westhoughton, Waters Nook Molyneux Road Waters Nook   
 Westhoughton, Westhoughton Rail Station Westhoughton, Rail Station   
 Westhoughton, Wigan Road/Coverdale Road Westhoughton 96 76 35   
 Westhoughton, Wigan Road/The Welland Westhoughton 96 76 35   
 Westhoughton, Wigan Road/Westhoughton Police Station Westhoughton 59 38 21   
The map below shows transport locations in the BL5 2 postcode area.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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