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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) near to the BL78 1 postcode area sorted by full name.
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    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
            Bus departures  
  Full Name Area     Mon-Fri    Sat    Sun  Services   
 Bolton, Burnden A666 Burnden   
 Bolton, Burnden Crescent Road/Beehive Mill Burnden 69 60 28   
 Bolton, Burnden Crescent Road/Bramhall Street Burnden 67 57 26   
 Bolton, Burnden Crescent Road/Carter Street Burnden 69 60 28   
 Bolton, Burnden Crescent Road/Green Lane Burnden 69 60 28   
 Bolton, Burnden Green Lane/Rishton Lane Burnden   
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Burnden Park Burnden 255 210 108   
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Green Lane Burnden 255 210 108   
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Mayfield Avenue Burnden 255 210 108   
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Raikes Lane Burnden 244 209 108   
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Southfield St Burnden 255 210 108   
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/The Greyhound Burnden 255 210 108   
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Weston Street Burnden 244 209 108   
 Bolton, Burnden St Peters Way Burnden   
 Bolton, Rose Hill Nelson St/St Bartholomew St Rose Hill, near Bolton 181 159 95   
 Bolton, Rose Hill Nelson Street/St. Bartholomew Street Rose Hill, near Bolton 187 155 92   
 Darcy Lever, Radcliffe Road/Hacken Lane Darcy Lever 28 25 11   
 Darcy Lever, Radcliffe Road/Ormond Street Darcy Lever 25 24 11   
 Farnworth, A666/Church Road Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Albert Road Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Albert Road/Balmoral Road Farnworth, MANC 10   
 Farnworth, Albert Road/King Street Farnworth, MANC 12   
 Farnworth, Albert Road/Longcauseway Farnworth, MANC 12   
 Farnworth, Albert Road/The Royal Hotel Farnworth, MANC 12   
 Farnworth, Barncroft Road Farnworth, Bus Station   
 Farnworth, Bolton Road/Gladstone Road Farnworth, MANC 323 282 145   13 
 Farnworth, Bolton Road/The Black Horse Farnworth, MANC 154 132 66   
 Farnworth, Buckley Lane/Albert Road Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Bus Station  Farnworth, Bus Station 113 100 38   
 Farnworth, Carlton Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Church Road Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Church Road/Market Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Cross Street Farnworth, Bus Station   
 Farnworth, Darley Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Egerton Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Farnworth Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Farnworth Black Horse (D) Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Farnworth Market Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Farnworth A666 Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Farnworth Clammerclough Road/Bridge Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Farnworth Farnworth Station (Bridge Street) Farnworth, Rail Station   
 Farnworth, Farnworth Rail station Farnworth, Rail Station   
 Farnworth, Glynne Street/Albert Road Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Grosvenor Street/Lord Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Bradford Road/Lavender Road Harper Green 22 17   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Campbell Street/Georgiana Street Harper Green 45 41 25   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Campbell Street/Harper Green Road Harper Green 48 41 25   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Campbell Street/Harper Street Harper Green 48 40 24   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Glynne Street/Mossfield Road Harper Green   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Harper Green Road/Daffodil Road Harper Green 84 69 42   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Harper Green Road/Lavender Road Harper Green 84 69 42   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Harrowby Street/George Street Harper Green 98 84 40   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Harrowby Street/Harrowby Lane Harper Green 99 87 42   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Harrowby Street/Shillingford Road Harper Green 99 87 42   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Laburnum Road/Central Avenue Harper Green 83 68 42   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Lavender Road Harper Green   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Lavender Road/Bradford Road Harper Green 131 109 67   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Plodder Lane/Hawthorne Avenue Harper Green   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Plodder Lane/Mossfield Road Harper Green   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Plodder Lane/Openshaw Place Harper Green   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Primrose Avenue Harper Green   
 Farnworth, Harper Green Tulip Avenue Harper Green   
 Farnworth, Harrowby Street/Albert Road Farnworth, MANC 99 87 42   
 Farnworth, High Stile Street/Garden Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, High Stile Street/The Black Horse Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Higher Market Street/Church Road Farnworth, MANC 236 204 103   12 
 Farnworth, Highfield Anchor Lane Highfield, MANC   
 Farnworth, Highfield Anchor Lane (Sbnd) Farnworth, St James High School   
 Farnworth, Highfield Anchor Ln Highfield, MANC 10   
 Farnworth, Highfield Anchor Ln/Starling Dr Highfield, MANC   
 Farnworth, Highfield Bradford Road/Briarfield Road Highfield, MANC 23 18   
 Farnworth, Highfield Daffodil Road Highfield, MANC   
 Farnworth, Highfield Highfield Road/Fir Road Highfield, MANC 70 60 28   
 Farnworth, Highfield Highfield Road/Lee Grove Highfield, MANC 68 57 26   
 Farnworth, Highfield Highfield Road/Maple Avenue Highfield, MANC 70 60 28   
 Farnworth, Highfield Highfield Road/Marsh Lane Highfield, MANC 78 65 28   
 Farnworth, Highfield Highfield Road/Watson Road Highfield, MANC 70 61 28   
 Farnworth, Highfield Lucas Road/St James School Farnworth, St James High School 11   
 Farnworth, Highfield Marsh Lane/Highfield Road Highfield, MANC 11   
 Farnworth, Highfield Plodder Lane/Bradford Road Highfield, MANC   
 Farnworth, Highfield Plodder Lane/Lancaster Avenue Highfield, MANC   
 Farnworth, Highfield Watson Road (Sbnd) Farnworth, St James High School   
 Farnworth, Highfield Watson Road/Plodder Lane Highfield, MANC   
 Farnworth, Highfield Wildman Lane/Plodder Lane Highfield, MANC 10   
 Farnworth, Hr Market St/The Black Horse Farnworth, MANC 236 199 103   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Bolton Road/Jackson Street Kearsley 154 132 66   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Bolton Road/Stoneclough Bridge Kearsley 130 110 65   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Grosvenor Street/Howard Avenue Kearsley   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Grosvenor Street/Lord Street Kearsley   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Grosvenor Street/Matthews Avenue Kearsley, Rail Station   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Howard Avenue/Clifton Street Kearsley   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Howard Avenue/Grosvenor Street Kearsley   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Oakes Street/Jackson Street Kearsley   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Pilkington Road/Bolton Road Kearsley   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Randolph Road Kearsley, Rail Station   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Randolph Road/Oakes Street Kearsley   
 Farnworth, Kearsley Stoneclough Road/Bolton Road Kearsley 32 29   
 Farnworth, King Street/Albert Road Farnworth, MANC 13   
 Farnworth, King Street/Job Centre Farnworth, MANC 112 93 40   
 Farnworth, Longcauseway/Crompton Street Farnworth, MANC 76 66 37   
 Farnworth, Longcauseway/Lark Street Farnworth, MANC 82 68 38   
 Farnworth, Longcauseway/Moorfield Chase Farnworth, MANC 82 68 38   
 Farnworth, Market St/Farnworth Town Ctr Farnworth, MANC 244 207 103   11 
 Farnworth, Market Street/Farnworth Library Farnworth, MANC 323 282 145   13 
 Farnworth, Mather Street/Garden Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Mather Street/Higher Market Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Moses Gate   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Bentley Street Moses Gate   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Bolton Road/Alfred Street Moses Gate 224 195 103   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Bolton Road/Gladstone Road Moses Gate 234 196 103   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Bridgeman Street/Bentley Street Moses Gate   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Campbell Street/Cawdor Street Moses Gate 48 40 24   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Campbell Street/Lorne Street Moses Gate 48 41 25   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Egerton Street/Cawdor Street Moses Gate   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Egerton Street/Glynne Street Moses Gate   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Francis Street/Egerton Street Moses Gate 48 40 24   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Gladstone Road Moses Gate   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Gladstone Road/Bentinck Street Moses Gate 99 87 42   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Gladstone Road/Bolton Road Moses Gate   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Gladstone Road/Egerton Street Moses Gate   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Hall Lane/River Bridge Moses Gate 91 71 30   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Lorne Street/Thynne Street Moses Gate 48 41 25   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Loxham Street Moses Gate   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Loxham Street/Moses Gate Moses Gate 91 71 30   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Loxham Street/Whitley Street Moses Gate 91 71 30   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Manchester Road/Moses Gate Moses Gate 175 148 79   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Manchester Road/Rowena Street Moses Gate 255 210 108   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Moses Gate Rail Station Moses Gate, Rail Station   
 Farnworth, Moses Gate Rail station Moses Gate, Rail Station   
 Farnworth, New Bury Barton Road New Bury   
 Farnworth, New Bury Buckley Lane/Elliot Street New Bury   
 Farnworth, New Bury Buckley Lane/Elliott Street New Bury   
 Farnworth, New Bury Buckley Lane/Piggott Street New Bury   
 Farnworth, New Bury Buckley Lane/St James Street New Bury 10   
 Farnworth, New Bury George Street/Macdonald Avenue New Bury 113 95 56   
 Farnworth, New Bury George Street/Ramsay Avenue New Bury 113 95 56   
 Farnworth, New Bury Hillside Avenue New Bury   
 Farnworth, New Bury Lucas Road/Macdonald Avenue New Bury 11   
 Farnworth, New Bury Moorside Avenue New Bury   
 Farnworth, New Bury Parkfield Avenue New Bury   
 Farnworth, New Bury Piggott Street New Bury   
 Farnworth, New Bury St James Street/Churchside New Bury 10   
 Farnworth, New Bury St James Street/Masefield Drive New Bury 11   
 Farnworth, New Bury Tennyson Road/Wordsworth Avenue New Bury 112 95 56   
 Farnworth, New Bury Worsley Road/Bloomfield Road New Bury 88 74 37   
 Farnworth, Park Street/Rawson Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Piggott Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Rawson Street Farnworth, MANC   
 Farnworth, Rawson Street (NE bnd) Farnworth, Bus Station 10 10   
 Farnworth, Rawson Street (SW bnd) Farnworth, Bus Station   
 Farnworth, Worsley Road/Longcauseway Farnworth, MANC 94 76 38   
 Great Lever, Bishops Road Great Lever   
 Great Lever, Bradford Road/Bishops Road Great Lever 188 159 95   
 Great Lever, Bradford Road/Carter Street Great Lever 112 99 67   
 Great Lever, Bradford Road/Crescent Road Great Lever 112 99 67   
 Great Lever, Bradford Road/Green Lane Great Lever 120 99 67   
 Great Lever, Bradford Road/Minerva Road Great Lever 185 159 95   
 Great Lever, Bradford Road/Sadler Street Great Lever 120 98 66   
 Great Lever, Bradford Road/Westbourne Avenue Great Lever 120 99 67   
 Great Lever, Crescent Road/Weston Street Great Lever 187 155 92   
 Great Lever, First Bus Depot Great Lever   
 Great Lever, Green Lane/Bishops Road Great Lever 69 60 28   
 Great Lever, Green Lane/Boscobel Road Great Lever 69 60 28   
 Great Lever, Green Lane/Charlesworth Avenue Great Lever 67 57 26   
 Great Lever, Green Lane/Rishton Lane Great Lever   
 Great Lever, Royal Bolton Hospital Minerva Road Great Lever, Mount St Joseph High School 98 84 28   
 Great Lever, Weston Street/First Depot Great Lever   
 Little Lever, Dove Bank Church St/Little Lever High School Little Lever, High School 91 70 29   
 Little Lever, Dove Bank Church Street/Little Lever High School Little Lever, High School 89 71 30   
 Little Lever, Dove Bank Park Road Dove Bank   
 Little Lever, Lever Street Little Lever   
The map below shows transport locations in the BL78 1 postcode area.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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