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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) near to the CF11 0JU postcode area sorted by full name.
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    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
            Bus departures  
  Full Name Area     Mon-Fri    Sat    Sun  Services   
 Cardiff, Butetown Dumballs Road Bottom Butetown, CARD 25 12   
 Cardiff, Butetown James Street Butetown, CARD 118 76 40   12 
 Cardiff, Butetown Mount Stuart Square Butetown, CARD 53 39 25   
 Cardiff, Butetown Nat West Building Butetown, CARD 49 25 15   
 Cardiff, Butetown Pomeroy Street Butetown, CARD 95 65 38   
 Cardiff, Butetown The Flourish Butetown, CARD 84 68 40   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Adelaide Street Cardiff, Cardiff Bay 67 38 15   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Atradius Cardiff, Cardiff Bay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Barrage North Waterbus Cardiff, Cardiff Bay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Britannia Quay Cardiff, Cardiff Bay 41 26 15   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Cardiff Britannia Quay Cardiff, Cardiff Bay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Cardiff Bay Barrage Cardiff, Cardiff Bay 10 10   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Cardiff Ice Rink Cardiff, Cardiff Bay 184 90 82   17 
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Clarence Embankment Waterbus Cardiff, Cardiff Bay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Dudley Street Cardiff, Cardiff Bay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay East Bute Street Cardiff, Cardiff Bay 41 26 15   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Harbour Drive Cardiff, Cardiff Bay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay International Drive Cardiff, Cardiff Bay 107 58 52   14 
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Mermaid Quay Cardiff, Mermaid Quay 109 69 28   13 
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Mermaid Quay Waterbus Cardiff, Mermaid Quay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Millenium Centre Cardiff, Cardiff Bay 219 187 112   17 
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Mount Stuart Square Cardiff, Cardiff Bay 119 77 38   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Olympian Drive Cardiff, Cardiff Bay 74 44 39   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Prospect Place Cardiff, Cardiff Bay 95 58 52   13 
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Scott Harbour Cardiff, Cardiff Bay 41 26 15   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Sovereign Quay Cardiff, Cardiff Bay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Stuart Street Cardiff, Windsor Quay 12   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay The Tube Cardiff, Cardiff Bay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay West Bute Street Cardiff, Cardiff Bay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Windsor Esp Cardiff, Cardiff Bay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Bay Windsor Terrace Cardiff, Cardiff Bay   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Docks Doctor Who Experience Cardiff, Docks   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Docks Porth Teigr Cardiff, Docks   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Docks Porth Teigr BBC Studios Cardiff, Docks   
 Cardiff, Cardiff Docks Roath Lock Cardiff, Docks   
 Cardiff, Cardiff International Sports Village Watkiss Way smoking shelter Cardiff, International Sports Village   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Grangetown, CARD   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Amherst Street Grangetown, CARD 51 27 23   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Avondale Gardens Grangetown, CARD 51 27 25   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Avondale Road Grangetown, CARD 90 38 15   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Beecher Avenue Grangetown, CARD   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Bromsgrove St Grangetown, CARD 44 29 27   10 
 Cardiff, Grangetown Cambridge Street Grangetown, CARD 89 38 15   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Campbell Drive Grangetown, CARD   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Cardiff Bay Asda Grangetown, CARD 97 58 52   14 
 Cardiff, Grangetown Channel View Grangetown, CARD   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Channel View Flats Grangetown, Channel View   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Channel View Road Grangetown, Channel View 40 38   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Channel View Turn Grangetown, Channel View 40 38   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Clive Street Grangetown, CARD 43 29 27   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Dunleavy Drive Grangetown, CARD 68 31 29   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Earl Street Grangetown, CARD 87 64 25   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Ferry Road Grangetown, CARD 44 38 26   10 
 Cardiff, Grangetown Horle Close Grangetown, CARD 51 27 25   
 Cardiff, Grangetown IKEA Grangetown, CARD   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Kent Street Grangetown, CARD 87 64 25   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Kestell Drive Grangetown, CARD   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Llanmaes Street Grangetown, CARD 39 37   
 Cardiff, Grangetown OLeary Drive Grangetown, CARD 27 27 25   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Seager Drive Grangetown, CARD   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Sevenoaks St Grangetown, CARD 39 37   
 Cardiff, Grangetown South Clive St Grangetown, CARD 40 38   
 Cardiff, Grangetown St Fagans Street Grangetown, CARD   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Staples Grangetown, CARD 93 56 52   13 
 Cardiff, Grangetown The Marl Grangetown, CARD 34 10   
 Cardiff, Grangetown Wilfred Brook House Grangetown, CARD 44 29 27   10 
 Cardiff, International Sports Village Cardiff, International Sports Village   
 Cardiff, Leckwith Glynstell Close Leckwith, CARD   
 Cardiff, Penarth Moors Cardiff, Penarth Moors   
 Cardiff, Penarth Moors Brindley Road Cardiff, Penarth Moors 77 53 23   13 
 Cardiff, Penarth Moors Celtic Gateway Cardiff, Penarth Moors 11   
 Cardiff, Penarth Moors Dunleavy Drive Cardiff, Penarth Moors 74 29 27   
 Cardiff, Penarth Moors Freemans Cardiff, Penarth Moors 77 53 23   13 
 Cardiff, Penarth Moors Sorting Office Cardiff, Penarth Moors 76 53 23   12 
 Llandough, Barons Court Llandough, GLAM 77 53 22   12 
 Llandough, Dochdwy Road Llandough, GLAM 15 15 14   
 Llandough, Dochdwy Road PO Llandough, GLAM 15 15 14   
 Llandough, Greenway Close Llandough, GLAM 54 57 18   
 Llandough, Llandough Baptist Church Llandough, GLAM   
 Llandough, Llandough Hill Llandough, GLAM 83 57 28   15 
 Llandough, Llandough Hospital Llandough, Hospital 60 63 29   12 
 Llandough, Llandough Institute Llandough, GLAM 66 69 28   
 Llandough, Llandough Trading Est Llandough, GLAM 77 51 23   13 
 Penarth, Albert Road Penarth   
 Penarth, Arcot St Penarth   
 Penarth, Barrage South Penarth   
 Penarth, Barrage Waterbus Penarth, Marina   
 Penarth, Byron Place Penarth 11   
 Penarth, Ceiriog Close Penarth 11   
 Penarth, Church Place South Penarth 10 10 10   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Andrew Road Cogan, GLAM   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Barons Court Cogan, GLAM 83 57 28   15 
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Bramble Rise Cogan, GLAM   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Cogan Hotel Cogan, GLAM   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Cogan Leisure Centre Cogan, GLAM 81 56 27   13 
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Cogan Rail Station Cogan, Rail Station   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Cowslip Cogan, GLAM 31 18 10   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Cowslip Drive Cogan, GLAM   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Dochdwy Road Cogan, GLAM 15 15 14   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Foxglove Rise Cogan, GLAM   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Hebron Church Cogan, GLAM   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Llandough Hospital Llandough, Hospital 80 83 47   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Merrie Harrier Cogan, GLAM 79 73 38   12 
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Penarth Tesco Cogan Pill, Penarth Tesco 10 10 10   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Station Hotel Cogan, GLAM   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill Terranova Way Cogan, GLAM 10 10   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill The Cowslip Cogan, GLAM 25 13   
 Penarth, Cogan Pill YGG Penarth Cogan, GLAM   
 Penarth, Custom House Place Penarth 10 10   
 Penarth, Dingle Road Rail Station Penarth, Dingle Road Rail Station   
 Penarth, Ferry Lane Penarth   
 Penarth, Hastings Avenue Penarth 11   
 Penarth, Hastings Place Penarth 11   
 Penarth, Llandough Church Penarth, Marina   
 Penarth, Lower Penarth Albert Road Lower Penarth 10 10 10   
 Penarth, Lower Penarth Clive Crescent Lower Penarth 10 10 10   
 Penarth, Lower Penarth Clive Place Lower Penarth 10 10 10   
 Penarth, Lower Penarth Jenkins Villas Lower Penarth 10 10   
 Penarth, Lower Penarth Windsor Arcade Lower Penarth 87 63 31   15 
 Penarth, Lower Penarth Windsor Terrace Lower Penarth 110 77 33   19 
 Penarth, Maughan Terrace Penarth   
 Penarth, Milton Road Penarth 11   
 Penarth, Northcliffe Penarth 10 10 10   
 Penarth, Penarth Heights Penarth, Marina 20 20 19   
 Penarth, Penarth High Street Penarth   
 Penarth, Penarth Police Station Penarth 77 53 22   12 
 Penarth, Penarth Portway Penarth 10 10 10   
 Penarth, Penarth Print Penarth   
 Penarth, Plassey Sreet Penarth 30 30 28   
 Penarth, Plassey Street Penarth 77 53 23   12 
 Penarth, Prince Charles Court Penarth   
 Penarth, Queens Road Penarth   
 Penarth, Redlands Heights Penarth 31 18 10   
 Penarth, St Josephs Penarth 11   
 Penarth, Terranova Way Penarth 10 10 10   
 Penarth, The Dingle Penarth 76 51 23   12 
 Penarth, The Headlands Penarth 10 10 10   
 Penarth, The Marina Penarth, Marina 10 10   
 Penarth, The Pilot Penarth   
The map below shows transport locations in the CF11 0JU postcode area.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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