Details of Linconshire Road Car's bus service number 53 between Mansfield and Sheffield (Interchange).

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Town/Village/stop nameCountyBus Services
Sutton in Ashfield, Kings Mill Hospital  Nottinghamshire County  95   
      Mansfield (Bus Station, Quaker Way)      "
Mansfield        " 221  Trains 
      Mansfield (Quaker Way)      "
      Mansfield (Westgate)      "
      Mansfield (St Philip Neris Church, Chesterfield Road South)      "
      Mansfield (Tesco, Car Park)      "
      Mansfield (Council Offices, Chesterfield Road South)      "
      Mansfield (Bould Street, Chesterfield Road South)      "
      Mansfield (Beech Hill Drive, Chesterfield Road South)      "
Mansfield, Bull Farm        " 30   
      Bull Farm (Clumber Drive, Chesterfield Road North)      "
      Bull Farm (Shaftsbury Avenue, Chesterfield Road North)      "
      Bull Farm (Brougham Avenue, Chesterfield Road North)      "
Radmanthwaite        " 26   
      Radmanthwaite (Oxclose Lane, Chesterfield Road North)      "
      Radmanthwaite (Radmanthwaite Road, Chesterfield Road North)      "
Pleasley Hill  Derbyshire County  26   
      Pleasley Hill (Clarence Street, Chesterfield Road North)      "
      Pleasley Hill (Cemetery, Chesterfield Road North)      "
      Pleasley Hill (Poplar Drive, Chesterfield Road North)      "
Pleasley        " 28   
      Pleasley (Nursery School, Chesterfield Road North)      "
      Pleasley (Meden Square, Chesterfield Road)      "
      Pleasley (Pit Lane, Chesterfield Road)      "
New Houghton        " 23   
      New Houghton (Anthony Bek School, Rotherham Road)      "
      New Houghton (Post Office, Rotherham Road)      "
      New Houghton (Community Centre, Rotherham Road)      "
      New Houghton (Recreation Road, Rotherham Road)      "
Stony Houghton        " 14   
      Stony Houghton (Rotherham Road)      "
Scarcliffe        " 19   
      Scarcliffe (Meadowspot Farm, Mansfield Road)      "
      Scarcliffe (Horse And Groom, Mansfield Road)      "
Palterton  South Yorkshire  17   
      Palterton (Main Street)      "
      Palterton (Post Office, Back Lane)      "
Hillstown  Derbyshire County  34   
      Hillstown (Pleasant Avenue, Mansfield Road)      "
      Hillstown (Nesbit Street, Mansfield Road)      "
      Hillstown (Morven Avenue, Langwith Road)      "
Bolsover        " 48   
      Bolsover (Hornscroft Park, Langwith Road)      "
      Bolsover (Church, Hornscroft Road)      "
      Bolsover (Market Place, Town End)      "
      Bolsover (Hides Green, Hill Top)      "
      Bolsover (New Street, Hill Top)      "
      Bolsover (Mill Lane, Hill Top)      "
      Bolsover (Lodge Farm, Shuttlewood Road)      "
Shuttlewood        " 20   
      Shuttlewood (Masons Cottages, Shuttlewood Road)      "
      Shuttlewood (Wyandotte Farm, Shuttlewood Road)      "
      Shuttlewood (Vivian Street, Bolsover Road)      "
      Shuttlewood (Hollow Farm, Clowne Road)      "
Stanfree        " 16   
      Stanfree (Oxcroft Miners Welfare, Clowne Road)      "
      Stanfree (Mill Lane, Clowne Road)      "
      Stanfree (Appletree Inn, Clowne Road)      "
      Stanfree (Romeley Lane, Low Road)      "
Clowne        " 40   
      Clowne (Wayside House, Low Road)      "
      Clowne (Angel Inn, High Street)      "
      Clowne (Miners Welfare, High Street)      "
Clowne, Tesco        " 39   
      Clowne (Tesco, Mill Green Way)      "
Clowne        " 40   
      Clowne (Wilkinson, Mill Green Way)      "
      Clowne (Recreation Close, North Road)      "
      Clowne (Barlborough Road)      "
      Clowne (Boughton Lane End, Barlborough Road)      "
Barlborough        " 33   
      Barlborough (Council Houses, Clowne Road)      "
      Barlborough (Sycamore Lane, Clowne Road)      "
      Barlborough (De Rodes Arms, Church Street)      "
      Barlborough (War Memorial, High Street)      "
      Barlborough (West End, High Street)      "
      Barlborough (Dusty Miller, Sheffield Road)      "
      Barlborough (Wychwood House, Sheffield Road)      "
      Barlborough (Hollingwood View, Sheffield Road)      "
Renishaw        " 31   
      Renishaw (Prince Of Wales, Sheffield Road)      "
      Renishaw (Community Hall, Main Road)      "
      Renishaw (Church, Main Road)      "
      Renishaw (Hague Lane End, Main Road)      "
      Renishaw (Golf Club, Station Road)      "
Eckington        " 68   
      Eckington (Southgate)      "
      Eckington (Station Road, Southgate)      "
Eckington, Bus Station        " 48   
      Eckington (Bus Station, Pinfold Street)      "
Mosborough  South Yorkshire  32   
      Mosborough (High Street/Queen Street, High Street)      "
      Mosborough (High Street/Ferncroft Avenue, High Street)      "
Mosborough Moor        " 25   
      Mosborough (Mosborough Moor/Moorside Close, Mosborough Moor)      "
      Quarry Hill (Mosborough Moor/Owlthorpe Rise, Mosborough Moor)      "
      Quarry Hill (Mosborough Moor/Owlthorpe Drive, Mosborough Moor)      "
      Quarry Hill (Moor Valley/Quarry Hill, Moor Valley)      "
Mosborough, Quarry Hill        " 23   
      Quarry Hill (Moor Valley/Moor Valley Close, Moor Valley)      "
Sheffield, Birley Lane        " 19   
      Birley (Birley Lane (South Yorkshire Supertram), Birley Lane)      "
Birley        " 43   
      Birley (Birley Moor Road/Birley Moor Close, Birley Moor Road)      "
Frecheville        " 50   
      Frecheville (Birley Moor Road/East Glade Crescent, Birley Moor Road)      "
      Frecheville (Birley Moor Road/Heathfield Road, Birley Moor Road)      "
      Frecheville (Birley Moor Road/Hopefield Avenue, Birley Moor Road)      "
      Frecheville (Birley Moor Road/Birley Vale Avenue, Birley Moor Road)      "
Hollinsend        " 35   
      Intake (Mansfield Road/Wadsworth Road, Mansfield Road)      "
Sheffield, Intake        " 59   
      Intake (Mansfield Road/Hollinsend Road, Mansfield Road)      "
      Intake (Mansfield Road/Stanhope Road, Mansfield Road)      "
      Intake (Mansfield Road/Sharrard Road, Mansfield Road)      "
Sheffield, Manor Top        " 90   
      Manor Top (Mansfield Road/Newlands Drive, Mansfield Road)      "
Sheffield, Manor Top Elm Tree        " 84   
      Manor Top (City Road/Eastern Avenue, City Road)      "
Fairleigh        " 61   
      Manor (City Road/Wulfric Road, City Road)      "
      Manor (City Road/Park Grange Road, City Road)      "
Norfolk Park        " 90   
      Manor (City Road/Spring Lane, City Road)      "
Skye Edge        " 64   
      Skye Edge (City Road/St Aidans Road, City Road)      "
      Manor (City Road/St Aidans Road, City Road)      "
      Norfolk Park (Granville Road/Ingram Road, Granville Road)      "
      Norfolk Park (Granville Road/Norfolk Park Road, Granville Road)      "
Norfolk Park, All Saints School        " 36   
      Norfolk Park (Granville Road/Farm Bank Road, Granville Road)      "
Sheffield, Park Hill        " 87   
      Norfolk Park (Granville Road/Granville Street, Granville Road)      "
Sheffield        " 380  Trains 
      Sheffield Centre (Leadmill Street/Mortimer Street, Leadmill Street)      "
Sheffield, Rail Station        " 145  Trains 
      Sheffield Centre (Sheffield Stn - Hallam Uni (Supertram), Off Sheaf Street)      "
Sheffield, Interchange        " 281  Trains 
      Sheffield Centre (Sheffield Interchange/C5, Sheffield Interchange)      "
 Reduce route details for this service     

 OperatorRoad Car
  At least 25 miles long, in a North West direction.

This service only operates in the direction shown 
There may be related services that provide return journeys.
Monday to FridaySaturdaySunday
Forward-6 journeys
Reverse-No Service
Forward-6 journeys
Reverse-No Service
Google Earth view for bus service bus travel between Mansfield and Sheffield (Interchange)
The following other services follow part of, or all of, this route:
DetailsThe latest information about this bus service (on 7 Nov 2020) came from the Traveline East Midlands website.
The timetable for this service appears to have started on 30 Aug 2020.
The 'Online Map' link above also contains links to a Google Earth view of this service.



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