Details of Stagecoach Fife's bus service number 7 between Leven and Dunfermline.

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Town/Village/stop nameCountyBus Services
Leven, Bus Station  Fife  86   Walks
      Leven (Bus Station)      "
Lower Methil        " 19   
      Lower Methil (Dubbieside, South St)      "
      Lower Methil (East Fife Football Ground, South Street)      "
      Lower Methil (Toboggan Road, High Street)      "
      Lower Methil (Erskine Court, High Street)      "
      Lower Methil (Ex-Servicemens Club, High Street)      "
      Lower Methil (National Court, High Street)      "
      Lower Methil (Memorial Court, High Street)      "
      Lower Methil (Swan Court, High Street)      "
Denbeath        " 27   
      Denbeath (Swan Brae, Wellesley Road)      "
      Denbeath (Wellesley Inn, Wellesley Road)      "
Buckhaven, Denbeath Randolph Wemyss Hospital        " 23   
      Denbeath (Randolph Wemyss Hospital, Wellesley Road)      "
Buckhaven        " 66   
      Buckhaven (Sandwell Street, Wellesley Road)      "
      Buckhaven (College Street Taxi Rank, College Street)      "
      Buckhaven (Church Street)      "
Muiredge        " 45   
      Muiredge (Muiredge Roundabout, Station Road)      "
East Wemyss, McDuff        " 19   
      McDuff (Rosie Cottages, A955)      "
      McDuff (Alexander Street, High Road)      "
East Wemyss        " 38   
      East Wemyss (McDuff, High Road)      "
      East Wemyss (Cemetery, Main Road)      "
      East Wemyss (School Wynd, Main Road)      "
      East Wemyss (The Car Shed, Main Road)      "
Coaltown of Wemyss        " 52   
      Coaltown of Wemyss (South Row, Main Street)      "
      Coaltown of Wemyss (Post Office, Main Street)      "
      Coaltown of Wemyss (Hugo Avenue, Main Street)      "
      Coaltown of Wemyss (West Wemyss Toll, A955)      "
      Coaltown of Wemyss (Bowhouse Farm, A955)      "
Dysart, Frances Industrial Estate        " 22   
      Dysart (Frances Industrial Estate, A955)      "
Dysart        " 39   
      Dysart (Dysart Road End, A955)      "
      Dysart (Hill Street, Normand Road)      "
      Dysart (Porte, Townhead)      "
Gallatown        " 37   
      Gallatown (Loughborough Road, Windmill Road)      "
      Gallatown (Quarry Brae, The Fairway)      "
      Gallatown (Windmill Green, The Fairway)      "
Sinclairtown        " 38   
      Sinclairtown (Caithness Place, Viewforth Street)      "
      Sinclairtown (Viewforth Street, St Clair Street)      "
      Sinclairtown (McKenzie Street, St Clair Street)      "
      Sinclairtown (Rutherford Court, Junction Road)      "
Kirkcaldy        " 214  Trains Walks
      Kirkcaldy (Overton Road, Junction Road)      "
Sinclairtown        " 38   
      Sinclairtown (Kidd Street, Beatty Crescent)      "
Smeaton        " 73   
      Smeaton (Denfield Place, Hayfield Road)      "
      Smeaton (Smeaton Industrial Estate, Hayfield Road)      "
Kirkcaldy, Hayfield Victoria Hospital        " 84   
      Hayfield (Victoria Hospital, Lauder Road)      "
Smeaton        " 73   
      Smeaton (Hazel Avenue, Wilson Avenue)      "
Kirkcaldy, Hayfield        " 82   
      Hayfield (Denend Crescent, Wilson Avenue)      "
Kirkcaldy        " 214  Trains Walks
      Kirkcaldy (Kennedy Crescent, Hendry Road)      "
      Kirkcaldy (King Street, Hendry Road)      "
Kirkcaldy, Forth Park Hospital        " 70   
      Kirkcaldy (Legion Court, Hendry Road)      "
Kirkcaldy        " 214  Trains Walks
      Kirkcaldy (Bennochy Bridge, Bennochy Road)      "
Kirkcaldy, Rail Station        " 108  Trains Walks
      Kirkcaldy (Kirkcaldy Rail Station, Station Road)      "
Kirkcaldy        " 214  Trains Walks
      Kirkcaldy (Adam Smith Theatre, Bennochy Road)      "
Kirkcaldy, Bus Station        " 133  Trains Walks
      Kirkcaldy (Bus Station)      "
Linktown        " 36   
      Linktown (High Street Taxi Rank, High Street)      "
      Linktown (Gas Wynd, Links Street)      "
      Linktown (Buchanan Court, Links Street)      "
      Linktown (Heggies Wynd, Links Street)      "
      Linktown (Bridge Street, Links Street)      "
Invertiel        " 22   
      Invertiel (Seafield Road, Kinghorn Road)      "
      Invertiel (Peebles Street, Kinghorn Road)      "
Kirkcaldy        " 214  Trains Walks
      Kirkcaldy (Kinghorn Road)      "
Kinghorn        " 16  Trains 
      Kinghorn (Linton Court, A921)      "
      Kinghorn (Croft-an-Righ, Kirkcaldy Road)      "
      Kinghorn (North Overgate, Bruce Street)      "
      Kinghorn (Memorial, High Street)      "
      Kinghorn (Macduff Crescent, Viewforth Place)      "
      Kinghorn (Sandhills Caravan Park, A921)      "
Pettycur Bay        " 13   
      Pettycur Bay (Pettycur Bay Caravan Park, A921)      "
Burntisland        " 18  Trains 
      Burntisland (Kingswood Hotel, Kinghorn Rd)      "
      Burntisland (Linwell Court, Kinghorn Road)      "
      Burntisland (Cemetery, Kinghorn Road)      "
      Burntisland (Kinghorn Road)      "
      Burntisland (Bowling Green, Kinghorn Road)      "
      Burntisland (Erskine Church, Kinghorn Road)      "
      Burntisland (The Links, Kinghorn Road)      "
      Burntisland (Porte, Kinghorn Road)      "
      Burntisland (Library, High Street)      "
      Burntisland (Haugh Road, Kirkton Road)      "
Burntisland, Kirkton        " 11   
      Kirkton (Kirkton Road)      "
Burntisland        " 18  Trains 
      Burntisland (Kirkton Graveyard, Church Street)      "
      Burntisland (Dunearn Bank, Colinswell Road)      "
      Burntisland (Stenhouse Drive, Colinswell Road)      "
Colinswell        " 8   
      Colinswell (Bendameer Road, Colinswell Road)      "
Burntisland        " 18  Trains 
      Burntisland (Nine Lums Farm, A921)      "
      Burntisland (Starley Hall, Aberdour Road)      "
Aberdour        " 14  Trains 
      Aberdour (Morayvale, Main Street)      "
Aberdour, Rail Station        " 13  Trains 
      Aberdour (Aberdour Rail Station, Hawkcraig Road)      "
Aberdour        " 14  Trains 
      Aberdour (Manse Place, High Street)      "
      Aberdour (St Columbas Church, Inverkeithing Road)      "
      Aberdour (Couston House, A921)      "
      Aberdour (Moss Cottage, A921)      "
Dalgety Bay        " 34  Trains 
      Dalgety Bay (Dalgety Church Yard, East Access)      "
      Dalgety Bay (East Access Ridge Way, East Access)      "
      Dalgety Bay (Moray Way North Roundabout, East Access)      "
      Dalgety Bay (Dalgety House View, Moray Way North)      "
      Dalgety Bay (Pentland Rise, Moray Way North)      "
      Dalgety Bay (Markfield Road, Moray Way North)      "
      Dalgety Bay (Couston Drive, Moray Way North)      "
      Dalgety Bay (Meadowfield, Moray Way North)      "
      Dalgety Bay (Moray Park, Moray Way)      "
      Dalgety Bay (St Davids Court, Moray Way)      "
      Dalgety Bay (Hillside Avenue, Moray Way)      "
      Dalgety Bay (Forth Reach, Link Rd)      "
      Dalgety Bay (Wayfarers Drive, Harbour Drive)      "
      Dalgety Bay (Parklands Crescent, Harbour Drive)      "
      Dalgety Bay (West Access Ridge Way, West Access)      "
Dalgety Bay, Rail Station        " 29  Trains 
      Dalgety Bay (Railway Station, A921)      "
Hillend        " 37   
      Hillend (Bypass, A921)      "
Inverkeithing        " 61  Trains 
      Inverkeithing (The Avenue, Hillend Rd)      "
Inverkeithing, High School        " 39  Trains 
      Inverkeithing (High School, Hillend Road)      "
Inverkeithing        " 61  Trains 
      Inverkeithing (Fraser Avenue, Hillend Road)      "
      Inverkeithing (Boreland Road, Church Street)      "
      Inverkeithing (Back O Yards, Hill Street)      "
      Inverkeithing (Manse Road, Dunfermline Wynd)      "
Rosyth        " 99 Express coaches Trains 
      Rosyth (Fairykirk Road, Castlandhill Road)      "
      Rosyth (Castlandhill Road)      "
      Rosyth (Queensferry Road)      "
      Rosyth (Parkside Street, Queensferry Road)      "
      Rosyth (Queens Buildings, Queensferry Road)      "
      Rosyth (Elder Place, Park Road)      "
Camdean        " 30   
      Camdean (Camdean Lane, Park Road West)      "
      Camdean (Primrose Avenue Turning Circle, Primrose Avenue)      "
      Camdean (Gillway, Primrose Avenue)      "
      Camdean (Primrose Avenue Turning Circle, Primrose Avenue)      "
      Camdean (Anderson Lane, Primrose Lane)      "
      Camdean (Primrose Lane)      "
Rosyth, Rail Station        " 61 Express coaches Trains 
      Rosyth (Railway Station, Queensferry Road)      "
Dunfermline        " 427 Express coaches Trains 
      Dunfermline (Carnegie Campus, Queensferry Road)      "
Pitreavie        " 61   
      Pitreavie (Pitreavie Business Park, Queensferry Road)      "
      Pitreavie (Pitreavie Playing Fields, Queensferry Road)      "
      Pitreavie (Pitreavie Golf Course, Queensferry Road)      "
Pitcorthie        " 101   
      Pitcorthie (Cypress Grove, Queensferry Road)      "
Dunfermline        " 427 Express coaches Trains 
      Dunfermline (King Malcolm Hotel, Queensferry Road)      "
      Dunfermline (Cottage Inn, Hospital Hill)      "
      Dunfermline (Tollgate, Hospital Hill)      "
      Dunfermline (St Leonards Bus Depot, St Leonards Street)      "
      Dunfermline (Bothwell Street)      "
Dunfermline, Town Rail Station        " 56 Express coaches Trains 
      Dunfermline (Town Railway Station, St Margarets Drive)      "
Dunfermline        " 427 Express coaches Trains 
      Dunfermline (Kingsgate Centre, Carnegie Drive)      "
Dunfermline, Bus Station        " 148 Express coaches Trains 
      Dunfermline (Bus Station)      "
 Reduce route details for this service     

 OperatorStagecoach Fife
  At least 29 miles long, in a South West direction.

This service only operates in the direction shown 
There may be related services that provide return journeys.
Monday to FridaySaturdaySunday
    --Forward-every 30 minutes
Reverse-No Service
Forward-every 60 minutes
Reverse-No Service
Google Earth view for bus service bus travel between Leven and Dunfermline
Online timetable for this bus service
The following other services follow part of, or all of, this route:
          7B   Inverkeithing (High School) to Dunfermline   Only this direction, Mon to Fri (1 trip)   Stagecoach Fife   
          7A   Dunfermline to Leven    Mon to Sat (?)   Stagecoach Fife   
          7B   Dunfermline to Kelty   Only this direction, Mon to Fri (1 trip) Sat (3 trips) Sun (every 60 mins)   Stagecoach Fife   
          7B   Dunfermline to Kelty    Sat (3 trips, 5 back) Sun (2 trips, -60 back)   Stagecoach Fife   
          7B   Dalgety Bay to Dunfermline   Only this direction, Sat (1 trip)   Stagecoach Fife   
          7B   Kelty to Inverkeithing (High School)   Only this direction, Mon to Fri (1 trip)   Stagecoach Fife   
          7B   Dalgety Bay to Kelty   Only this direction, Sat (every 30 mins)   Stagecoach Fife   
          7B   Kelty to Dalgety Bay   Only this direction, Sat (every 30 mins)   Stagecoach Fife   
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The timetable for this service appears to have started on 26 Nov 2018.
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