Details of Busways Travel's bus service number 18 between Gilley Law and Sunderland.

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Town/Village/stop nameCountyBus Services
Gilley Law  Tyne and Wear  17   
      Gilley Law (Aldenham Road)      "
      Gilley Law (North Moor Road-Aldenham Road, North Moor Lane)      "
      Gilley Law (North Moor Lane-Amsterdam Road, North Moor Lane)      "
Farringdon        " 99   
      Farringdon (North Moor Road-Durham Road-, North Moor Road)      "
Sunderland, North Moor        " 64   
      Thorney Close (North Moor, Durham Road)      "
Sunderland, Thorney Close        " 70   
      Thorney Close (Durham Road-Grindon Lane, Durham Road)      "
Sunderland, Prospect Hotel        " 7   
      Barnes Park (The Prospect, Springwell Road)      "
Sunderland, Springwell        " 15   
      Springwell (Sunningdale Road)      "
      Springwell (Sunningdale Road)      "
Sunderland, Thorney Close        " 70   
      Thorney Close (Silloth Road)      "
      Thorney Close (Telford Road-Toronto Road, Telford Road)      "
      Thorney Close (Telford Road-Tanfield Road, Telford Road)      "
      Thorney Close (Thorndale Road-Telford Road, Thorndale Road)      "
      Thorney Close (Thorney Close Road)      "
      Thorney Close (Tilbury Road-Thistle Road, TILBURY ROAD)      "
Grindon        " 13   
      Grindon (Tay Road-Gravesend Road, Tay Road)      "
      Grindon (Gleneagles Road-Gilbert Road, Gleneagles Road)      "
      Grindon (Gleneagles Road)      "
      Grindon (Gartland Road)      "
      Grindon (Greenwood Road)      "
      Grindon (Gleneagles Road-Greenwood Road, Gleneagles Road)      "
      Grindon (Gleneagles Road-Gainsborough Road, Gleneagles Road)      "
      Grindon (Gleneagles Road-Galsworthy Road, Gleneagles Road)      "
      Grindon (Gleneagles Road-Grindon Lane, Gleneagles Road)      "
Grindon Mill        " 33   
      Grindon (Grindon Lane-Glenleigh Drive, Grindon Lane)      "
Pennywell        " 56   
      Pennywell (Pennywell Road)      "
      Pennywell (Portsmouth Road-Portchester Road, Portsmouth Road)      "
      Pennywell (Hylton Road-St Lukes Road, Hylton Road)      "
      Pennywell (Hylton Road-Palgrove Road, Hylton Road)      "
Sunderland, Havelock Hospital        " 14   
      Hylton Lane Estate (Hylton Road-Havelock Hospital, Hylton Road)      "
Sunderland, Round Robin        " 11   
      Hylton Lane Estate (Havelock Council Offices, HYLTON ROAD)      "
Sunderland, Hylton Lane Estate        " 16   
      Hylton Lane Estate (Hylton Road-Fordenbridge Road, Hylton Road)      "
Ford        " 27   
      Ford (Hylton Road-Fordham Road, Hylton Road)      "
      Ford (Hylton Road-Cemetery, Hylton Road)      "
      Ford (Hylton Road-Bexley Street, Hylton Road)      "
      Ford (Pallion Road)      "
Sunderland, Pallion Retail Park        " 22   
      Pallion (Pallion Metro, European Way)      "
      Pallion (Merle Terrace)      "
      Pallion (Pallion New Road-Woodbine Terrace, Pallion New Road)      "
Millfield        " 36   
      Millfield (Queen Alexandra Bridge South End, Pallion New Road)      "
Southwick        " 79   
      Southwick (Queen Alexandra Bridge North End, Camden Street)      "
      Southwick (Beaumont Street - Sunderland Road, Beaumont Street)      "
      Southwick (Thompson Road-The Kings Road, Thompson Road)      "
      Southwick (Thompson Road-Morgan Street, Thompson Road)      "
Sunderland, Carley Hill        " 17   
      Carley Hill (Thompson Road-Carley Road, Thompson Road)      "
      Carley Hill (Thompson Road-Grange Park Avenue, Thompson Road)      "
      Carley Hill (Thompson Road-Blanchland Drive, Thompson Road)      "
Fulwell        " 59   
      Fulwell (Thompson Road, Fulwell Grange)      "
Seaburn, Metro Station        " 25   
      Fulwell (Station Road-Metro Station, Station Road)      "
Seaburn        " 30   
      Seaburn (Fulwell Road Sea Road, Fulwell Road)      "
      Seaburn (Sea Road-Laindon Avenue, Sea Road)      "
      Seaburn (Sea Road-Rockville, Sea Road)      "
      Seaburn (Whitburn Road - Seaburn Terrace, Whitburn Road)      "
Seaburn, Morrisons        " 28   
      Seaburn (Whitburn Road-Morrisons, Whitburn Road)      "
Seaburn        " 30   
      Seaburn (Whitburn Road - Seaburn Terrace, Whitburn Road)      "
      Seaburn (Sea Lane)      "
      Seaburn (Park Avenue-Chichester Road, Park Avenue)      "
Roker        " 26   
      Roker (Park Avenue-Peareth Grove, Park Avenue)      "
      Roker (Roker Park Road-Side Cliff Road, Roker Park Road)      "
      Roker (Roker Park Road-North Grove, Roker Park Road)      "
      Roker (Roker Park, Roker Park Road)      "
Fulwell        " 59   
      Fulwell (Roker Baths Road - Hartington Street, Roker Baths Road)      "
      Fulwell (Roker Baths Road-Kingston Terrace, Roker Baths Road)      "
Roker        " 26   
      Roker (Gladstone Street-Roker Baths Road, Gladstone Street)      "
      Roker (Fulwell Road-Selbourne Street, Fulwell Road)      "
Monkwearmouth        " 112   
      Monkwearmouth (Fulwell Road-Retail Park, Fulwell Road)      "
Sunderland, St Peters        " 22   
      St Peters (Lower Dundas Street)      "
Monkwearmouth        " 112   
      Monkwearmouth (Dundas Street)      "
Sunderland        " 267 Express coaches Trains 
      Sunderland ( John Street, John Street)      "
      Sunderland (Fawcett Street)      "
 Reduce route details for this service     

  At least 11 miles long, in a North East direction.

This service only operates in the direction shown 
There may be related services that provide return journeys.
Monday to FridaySaturdaySunday
Forward-7 journeys
Reverse-No Service
Forward-8 journeys
Reverse-No Service
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Online timetable for this bus service
The following other services follow part of, or all of, this route:
          18   Seaburn to Sunderland   Only this direction, Sat (1 trip)   Busways   
          18   Southwick to Gilley Law   Only this direction, Mon to Fri (1 trip)   Busways   
          18   Sunderland to Ford   Only this direction, Mon to Sat (1 trip)   Busways   
          18   Sunderland to Gilley Law   Only this direction, Mon to Sat (1 trip)   Busways   
          18   Sunderland to Gilley Law   Only this direction, Mon to Fri (6 trips) Sat (every 60 mins)   Busways   
          18   Gilley Law to Sunderland   Only this direction, Mon to Fri (1 trip)   Busways   
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The timetable for this service appears to have started on 14 Jun 2020 and is scheduled to finish on 16 Dec 2020.
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